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Our Topknot headbands are mostly all made of organic cotton stretchy fabric. 

They come in various sizes from Baby to Adult allowing you to match with your little one if you wish.

0-6 months 14” to 16”

6-12 months 16” to 18”

1-3 years 18” to 20” 

Child 20” to 21”

Adult 21” to 23”

Newborn 13” to 14” 


Whilst we make and sell topknots for babies and children of all ages it is important to note that you should never leave a baby or child sleeping or unattended whilst wearing one of our accessories.

If you notice any marks or the band seems tight it could be time for the next size up. 

If you would like an accurate sizing please 

measure the head you are purchasing for and pop a note of the specific measurement at the checkout.

Topknot wraps 


There are some exceptions to the sizing in topknots as some of our top knots are wraps, so therefore you would tie the knot yourself. Wraps aren’t made stretchy. They come in cotton fabrics that can be tied however you choose. This will be noted in the title and description of each wrap and clearly shown in the picture attached to the listing. Please refer to our social media channels for a tutorial on how to tie a wrap.

Pony ties 


Pony ties come to a specific length and are designed to wrap around a pony or a bun in any which way you choose. Examples of this can be found on our social media sights.



Scrunchies are all made for children and adults. They come in standard medium scrunchy size unless the description states “mini” or “oversized” 

Alice Knot Headbands

Our Alice Knot Headbands are ONE SIZE! They fit children and adults. This makes them perfect for matching Mama, siblings or friends. 


If you require any further sizing information please click the chat button or send us an email where we will be more than happy to help!

Thank you!

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