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Safety Notice

Never leave your Baby or Child sleeping or unattended whilst wearing one of our accessories.

They could pose a risk of suffocation or strangulation. Small parts may come loose and could pose a risk of choking.

It is highly advised that babies and children of all ages are supervised whilst wearing any of our hair accessories.

Whilst we make headbands to fit babies, please make sure that the babies head band is not too tight, is not worn for long periods of time and that they are never left alone or not watched carefully. At the time that baby starts to take an interest in grabbing and chewing things, please discontinue use until you feel that baby is safe to continue wearing the accessories without curiosity. If this time does not come and baby continues to pull at the accessories it may mean that baby is not completely comfortable.

If you have any other safety concerns, please contact us using the channels suggested in the contact us section of the website 

Our little ones are far too precious to take the risk. Stay safe XXX

Safety Notice: Store Policies
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